On a global level, wastewater treatment is an increasingly critical topic of discussion that has been addressed at the highest levels of government and major corporations. To find a sustainable approach, companies can employ many different strategies to help themselves go beyond mere compliance and begin the process of improving global water quality.


According to http://UN.org, more than 80 percent of all the wastewater from industry, homes, cities and agriculture flows back into the ecosystem via lakes, rivers and other bodies of surface water. This process repeats every day across the planet, polluting the environment while losing valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials in the process.

Therefore GIS have products for water & waste water industries.

  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Vacuum evaporation and distillation
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Paper bed filters
  • Solid bowl centrifuges
  • Tramp oil separators
  • Vacuum filters
  • Many More As Per Your Requirement