As much as we all need water to live, we also need food.

When we say we serve the food industry, we in fact cater to the many sub-industries that specialize in different types of food processing and packaging. These include dairy, meat, poultry and fish and shellfish processing, as well as fruit and vegetables, and every type and combination of foodstuffs that are frozen, canned, bottled, salted or preserved in brine, as well as dry food products that are boxed and bagged. And it isn’t just the prepared food industry we deal with, fresh foods also have to be processed and packaged for distribution.

GIS have products for food & beverages industries.

  • High quality 316 tanks for processing, mixing and storing food.
  • Agitated mixing tanks of varying designs and sizes.
  • Insulated tanks, including very big silos that are invaluable to the food industry.
  • Jacketed mixing tanks for various applications including fruit mixing, chocolate making, and storage of low-acid food products.
  • Jacketed process tanks that are used to control temperatures during food processing.
  • Kettles that are made for cooking as well as cook-chill production of food.
  • Pressure tanks designed for the food and beverage as well as dairy industries.
  • Product storage tanks suitable for a wide range of foodstuffs from dairy products to chocolate.
  • Stainless steel tea brewing systems.
  • Harvest wash conveyor systems for washing and scrubbing fruit and vegetables.
  • Cutters suitable for processing fruit and vegetables, including potatoes for French fries.
  • Choppers for a range of different food products.
  • Bulk and other cookers.
  • Automated food skewering systems suitable for a range of different foods including meat and vegetables, fruit and cheese.
  • Jacketed stainless steel cheese vats.
  • Stainless steel vacuumizers for producing hot dogs
  • Rigid Container handling – Depalletizers, Conveyors, labeling systems, packers, shrinkwrappers, and Palletizers
  • Many More As Per Your Requirement